Rehabilitation and modernization of the customs offices from the Romanian / Moldavian border, respectively the public finances and fiscal-fiscal responsibility customs offices of Albiţa - Leușeni, Sculeni - Sculeni and Giurgiulești – Giurgiulești

The following activities will be financed: rehabilitating and endowing the Customs offices in the border area from Albita-Leuseni, Sculeni-Sculeni and Giurgiulesti-Giurgiulesti; the roads in the Customs area will be modernised and IT equipment (surveillance systems) and other types of equipment (lighting and signaling) will be bought.

Rediscover our cultural heritage through joint local branding

The project objectives are: to improve touristic potential of the the territories covered by Local Action Group “Valea Baseului de Sus” and Milestii Mici; to valorize local heritage by developing and implementing a joint branding platform that will perform the branding process of the main cultural and historical assets in the project regions.

Proactive health without borders

The genral objective is improving the health condition of 630 students and employees of the 2 partner public institutions through training, awareness and endowment activities for first aid in the 14 months of project implementation.

Promoting CBC cultural heritage by rebranding of local arts and culture

Linking CBC Heritage main objective is to promote local culture and heritage for the territories covered by Saveni and Cupcini City through an integrated process of joint rebranding and integration of local arts and culture by 2020.

Access to health services for every child through Home Visiting

Pregnant women and families with children aged 0-3 from the RO-MD border area communities have access to quality public health services. The action will help improve their access to health services and reduce the number of newly registered cases of illness among children in the 7 regions. Nurses/health visitors from the 7 regions will reach all children including those from the most marginalized and isolated groups and communities to provide counseling and quality health services. The implementation of home visiting brings the health services in the community and helps prevent and address the development issues or risks of disability at a very early age and early stage. Parents will have their knowledge and skills improved so they can ensure better care and good development environment for their children.

Renaissance of the authentic crafts folk- common cultural heritage as a focal point for sustainable economic and tourism development

Enhanced during 16 months the tourism potential of the south region of cross-border area with one new economic activity related to traditional crafts as a way of increasing incomes from tourism activities and for preserving of the genetic code of national identity of communities from both sides of Prut River, which have inherited the common cultural legacy as result of historical evolution.

Enhancement of Capriana Monastery for the Promotion of the Unique Ecclesiastic Heritage by Cross-border Cooperation and Digitization

Preservation, valorisation and touristic promotion of a unique ecclesiastical patrimony with historical value, a common trans-national cultural heritage, by establishing the first religious museum in Republic of Moldova, at Capriana Monastery and a digital exhibition at CMNM Iasi, Romania, thus increasing the number of visiting tourists in 24 months after project implementation by 20%.

Multi-ethnic Cross-Border Cultural Center

The project's aim is to increase cross-border cooperation in the field of culture and mutual understanding, with direct impact on recovering and highlighting the historical and cultural heritage common to the two areas of the project, namely the ethnic communities in Balti and Botosani (Hebrew, Armenian, Russian Lipovans Ukrainians, Poles, Roma).

Exploiting and enhancing the visibility of cultural and historical heritage within a cross-border network of museums - Tourist Information Centers

Increasing the visibility of the cultural and historical cross-border heritage of the Central Region of the Republic of Moldova and Galati County, Romania by strengthening the capacities of cultural institutions, creating a network of Tourist Information Centers in the major destinations promoted.

Provision of the cultural house in the village of Vetrişoaia and endowment and interior fitting of the house of culture in the village of Holercani

Increasing the quality of cultural activities for the population of Vetrisoaia and the village of Holercani by endowing the local cultural infrastructure with specific goods and interior design until the project implementation is completed.

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