FAQ for applicants

Joint Operational Programme Romania-Republic of Moldova 2014-2020

Question 3

Can a Non-Governmental Organization, registered in the Republic of Moldova, act as a partner under the priority 3.1 “Development of cross border transport infrastructure and ICT tools”?


According to the Annex H.1_Indicative list of potential Applicants and Partners (per Priority) to the Guidelines for grant applicants, the potential applicants and partners for the Priority 3.1 – Development of cross border transport infrastructure and ICT tools are:

For Hard projects

  • National /regional/local public administration and other public institutions

For soft projects

  • National/ regional/ local public administration and other public institutions;
  • State owned companies administrating transport and communication infrastructure

For the complete framework of the eligibility requirements, please consult the sections 2.2 Applicants and Partners. Eligibility requirements, 2.3 Partnerships. Eligibility requirements, 2.4 Projects and Activities. Eligibility requirements, 2.5 Costs. Eligibility requirements of the guidelines for applicants

In the interest of equal treatment of all the Applicants, the Managing Authority, the Joint Technical Secretariat or the branch office of Joint Technical Secretariat cannot express prior opinions on the eligibility of the applicant or its Partners, of the project or of the specific activities.

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