FAQ for applicants

Joint Operational Programme Romania-Republic of Moldova 2014-2020

Question 5

Can a project initiated and managed by private NGOs aiming to open a center aimed to support disabled be assigned to „Equipping specific public medical service infrastructure (outpatient, emergency room facilities, medical centers, integrated social intervention, etc.)” mentioned as indicative eligible activity under Priority 4.1 – Support to the development of health services and access to health?


For the complete framework of the eligibility requirements, please consult the sections 2.2 Applicants and Partners. Eligibility requirements, 2.3 Partnerships. Eligibility requirements, 2.4 Projects and Activities. Eligibility requirements, 2.5 Costs. Eligibility requirements of the guidelines for applicants.

Moreover, please consult also the Annex H.1, where you can find the Indicative list of eligible entities.

Please also take into consideration the provisions of section 1.4.4. Cross border cooperation character of the project

The Managing Authority, the Joint Technical Secretariat or the branch offices of Joint Technical Secretariat cannot express prior opinions on the eligibility of the applicant or its Partners (beyond the points listed in chapter 2.2.1), of the project or of the specific activities this being a matter concerning the particular field of activity and statute of the institution, which can or not be entitled to develop the specific project activities that fall under each priority and may or may not have the capacity to reach the proposed Programme indicators (per priority). The legal capabilities of the Applicant and partners to act in the field of the project proposal will be assessed during Step 2 (technical and financial evaluation) where each partner have to demonstrate that it has the necessary competencies required in the field of project (please also check the Annex J3-Evaluation Grid).Answers to questions only offer clarification to the guidelines for applicants and they may, on no account, give an appreciation on the eligibility or quality of a proposal or activities foreseen. Individual assessments have to be made by every potential applicant and its partners in each particular case prior to submission of the application.

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