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Joint Operational Programme Romania-Republic of Moldova 2014-2020

Question 7

Having in regard the Guidelines for grant applicants – HARD projects and according to Priority 4.1 – Support to the development of health services and access to health,

  • by equipping two or more hospitals with specialty equipment worth at least 1 million euro, without the building component, the proposed project can be understood as a hard project in order to be eligible?
  • is the infrastructure component referring only to the building component, (Feasibility study for technical project, construction authorization, construction works) or can it also be understood in the sense of infrastructure medical acquisition of specialized equipment?
  • considering that in the types of activities related to the infrastructure component it is mentioned as eligible- “Developing labs and mobile labs for the prevention/detection/monitoring of diseases, injuries, incidents and border epidemics, the acquisition of a Mobile laboratory in the form of an automobile equipped with all the functions of analysis, diagnosis, can be framed in the infrastructure component defined according to the guide mentioned above?

Given the all mentioned above, can a project involving equipment be considered a HARD project or will it be framed to SOFT projects, with a maximum budget of 200,000 euro/per project?

Question 8

For the hard projects

1. If one project partner will subcontract the position of a staff member (e.g. project manager or financial manager) is it still necessary to submit a job description for it? Or anything else instead?

2. Due to the fact that procurement and execution of works can take significant amount of time, does the maximum project duration for hard project has to be at least 30 months?

3. The Programme allows procurements to be done and contracts signed before the Grant contract is signed. In this case what type of procurement procedure has to be used by public authorities from Moldova: PRAG or national legislation? The Programme states that PRAG procedures shall be used, but there is a potential problem – local authorities in Moldova are allowed to use the procurement procedures of external donors instead of national procurement legislation only if a project is selected for funding and a grant contract is signed. There will be no official document (grant contract, notification for provisional project selection etc.) when such procurements mentioned above will be done. Could you please clarify this issue with the National Authority in Moldova?

4. At section 2.6.7 Additional documents to be submitted in Stage II, point e., paragraph 2, there is a requirement to present ”documents showing registration in the relevant public registers…”. Does this statement mean that cadaster documents should be presented for the infrastructure to be rehabilitated?

5. Do public authorities have to submit the same supporting documents as other potential beneficiaries (section 2.6.3)? (Usually the public authorities are not required to submit Statutes (or equivalent) and financial report)

For the soft projects

1. Taking into consideration Priority 4.1 – “Support to the development of health services and access to health”, are NGOs eligible to do small scale investments aiming to enhance the access to health such as integrated social intervention, prevention etc.? (The presented indicative eligible activities focus more on public institutions although NGOs are eligible as well)

2. Is it eligible for a project beneficiary to transfer equipment procured in the framework of a project to local public authorities which are the target group in a project but not project partners?

For both HARD and SOFT projects:

Could it be possible to indicate the maximum number of characters for the sections of the online application form if there will be such limitations?

Question 9

Is it possible for an institution or organization to open multiple EMS accounts to be able to submit projects on different priorities?

Question 10

Is it possible to partially finance an investment (infrastructure) under two different projects (and/or two different programmes)?

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